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Blue Balls For The GOP

The GOP Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, appeared before his peers with a snow ball from the streets on DC in his hand to promote his belief that Global Warming is a hoax by the liberal media to steal money from the hard-working rich driving this country toward the […]

On His Knees

James Inhofe has long been the GOP’s leading critic on global warming. His faith has convinced him that Man is incapable of altering his God’s plan for Earth. As late as July 2010 the Oklahoma senator stated, “I don’t think that anyone disagrees with the fact that we actually are in a cold period that […]

Hot Hot Hot

. America east of the Rockies has been overwhelmed by a border to border heatwave in the triple digits. A massive storm knocked out power for over two million residents in the capitol and surrounding districts. There is no AC. There is no ice. It is hot and the weathermen are predicting more hot. Prominent […]

Helter Swelter

The July night sky is clear over New York City. The evening temperature is 78 Fahrenheit. A weatherman called conditions ‘pleasant’. Tomorrow the sun will warm the day to 87F. Sunday the same and Monday 89F. Hot, but not brutal like Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Those three states are in the grips of an oppressing […]

James Inhofe Climate Guru

The Bangkok Post reported several villages in the Chao Phyra Delta have lost considerable real estate to the rising water of Gulf of Siam. Bangkok like New Orleans is actually under sea level. The predictions of Global Warming alarmists condemn the City of Angels to a watery grave. It will not be the only Atlantis. New […]