Hot Hot Hot


America east of the Rockies has been overwhelmed by a border to border heatwave in the triple digits. A massive storm knocked out power for over two million residents in the capitol and surrounding districts. There is no AC. There is no ice. It is hot and the weathermen are predicting more hot.

Prominent climate-denier James Inhofe has wisely decided to maintain a vow of silence about the nationwide scorcher. His office has asked emailers the following; If you are an Oklahoma resident experiencing difficulties with a Federal Government agency or needing assistance from my office, please DO NOT email me from this page.

This morning the temperature in Tulsa is a sultry 103.

James Inhofe offered no phone number to contact him.

I suspect that he has left Washington.

Even Oklahoma is cooler than DC without AC.

While Inhofe shut his jumbos, EXXON’s chairman stated in a speech before ouncil on Foreign Relations that the public is ‘illiterate’ in science and math, plus that society will have to adapt to climate change.

“It’s an engineering problem and there will be an engineering solution.”

Engineering without power as in Washington was called the Dark Ages.

Rex Tillerson

Asshole of the Day.

And even Oklahomans might agree, unless the temperature drops to 90.

Hot but not as hot as a 100.

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