Monthly Archives: December 2018

Palm Beach Off Season / Not everyone is what they seem

During the 2008 NBA playoffs I escaped the luxurious confines of Palm Beach to watch the Celtics versus the Lakers at my friend’s house in Jupiter Beach. I patted Pom Pom on the head. “You be a good dog.” It was an impossible request. The Airedale had been rescued from a Riviera Beach crack house. […]

Trump Flushing the Washington Swamp

On August 24, 1814 British troops tried to burn down the new capitol of the United States. Washington. A day later a hurricane doused the flames, but that salvation hasn’t prevent further attempted cinematic destruction of the city along the Potomac River. Aliens have destroyed Washington DC in countless movies. For some unexplained reason science-fiction […]

147 A GO-GO by Peter Nolan Smith

Last week the best antique dealers in our diamond exchange moved to a new address. Their vacated booth was both minuscule and expensive. The building management had been hard-pressed to find a new tenant in these hard times after Christmas. I stood by the glass counter with the departing salesman and Jo-Jo the security guard, […]

Peace In No Man’s Land

On Sunday 28 June 1914 Bosnian assassins attacked the motorcade of Austrian Archduke anarchists Franz Ferdinand. The first attempt was foiled by the Hapsburg heir deflecting a diabolical device. His bodyguards strongly recommended seeking safety, however Franz Ferdinand insisted on a hospital visit to see bystanders injured by the bomb. His driver took a wrong […]

Beer On Mars

The European Space Agency aimed the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera at the Red Planet’s North Pple and discovered a huge frozen lake in the Korolev crater. 82 kilometers wide and 2 kilometer deep of frozen H2O meaning that there will be beer on Mars. Some hopefuls have claimed that discarded beer cans have […]