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The Speed of Nothing

An ant on my hand Life or death My choice I choose to do nothing. To often we feel obliged to act When the best course of action is inaction Of course I have upgraded Sloth from the Seven Deadly Sins to a virtue in revenge for astronomers downgrading Pluto from palnet status. I rejoice […]

God’s Army So What

Last week a couple of dozen SUVs and pickups departed from Virginia for Texas to protest against the relentless waves of migrants overwhelming the southern borders. Their numbers have grown to a few hundred for a gathering of God’s Army in the small Rio Grande town of Quemado -population 162- were the words “Join the […]

The Future of Now

In the Age of Species Reassignment We seem to stand alone Detached from the us Embraced by the Me.ness of the Constant Now. We breathe poisoned air We eat poisoned food Plastic covers the Earth The oceans die The stars disappear from view. The world population in 2050 500 million I will be 98 Will […]

The New Warsaw -Jenin – Gaza

In the summer of 1939 the German blitzkrieg overran Western Poland and laid siege to Warsaw. The City surrendered on September 29, 1939. The Wehrmacht or the German army occupied the Polish capitol backed by the Einsatzgruppe EG IV and the Einsatzkommandos. By November 1940 the commander of EG IV, Josef Meisinger ‘Butcher of Warsaw’ […]

ZOMBIES IN MY DREAMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Written Mar 31, 2016 at 11:26 Pattaya was not Venice and certainly no one on the Coasta del Crime pretended to be a reincarnated Thomas Mann writing a Thai version of TO DIE IN VENICE. At least no one I knew, however plenty of farangs and Thais died in the Last Babylon. Many of natural causes. Some […]