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We saw in New Year’s Eve at Hurrah and then took a taxi downtown. Traffic congested before Madison Square Garden. A skinny blonde man with orange-blonde hair stood bare-chested the the traffic. Cheetah Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys and we shouted the lead guitarist’s name in passing. Alice, Anthony, Alexa, and I got out […]


The Thai police are a law unto themselves. The ‘Tam-Luak’ plunder the Thais with a pirate’s greed. If they find no infraction, then the boys in brown will manufacture a crime to reap ‘tea money’ for their superiors. In their eyes no one is truly innocent. Most farangs know well enough to avoid the Thai […]

FIGHTING FOR WHAT by Peter Nolan Smith

Everything happened quick in CBGB’s subterranean toilets. The release of body waste was rivaled by magic-markering a band’s name atop the thousands of previous honorees in the toilet’s hall of fame and while the inhalation of cocaine or heroin in the stalls was more popular than shooting up dope or speedballs, sex within the battered […]

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN by the Sex Pistols

” Queen Elizabeth II was honored by a Silver Jubilee in 1977. While most of the English were glad to celebrate their sovereign’s 25th year on the throne, the country was in a terrible state with the war in Occupied Ireland and unemployment on the dole was the destiny of the young. it was not […]

Punk Rock Thailand

Back in the last decade I received an email from Willem Dafoe mentioning his having read Legs McNeil’s punk opus PLEASE KILL ME. “Just finished kind of fun- kind of junky- no pun intended PLEASE KILL ME- An Uncensored History of Punk. All interview excerpts-a lot of bragging about drugs and who fucks who. Some […]