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4:20 2021 – 2009

Today is 4/20, when people celebrate smoking marijuana worldwide, despite the draconian laws against the weed. In total 48 states have legalized marijuana use. The hold-outs come as no surprise. God and pot do not mix. Idaho and Nebraska are the final die-hard anti reefer backwaters. Denying the fact that the States and Federal government […]

Showing Your Humanity

During my treks through Tibet and Nepal I encountered herders on the trails. Each time they stuck out their tongue. My Sherpa guide explained that this custom proved that they were not a reincarnation of an evil spirit and human. This greeting was repeated with regularity and I pondered how many evil reincarnations wandered the […]

Save The Library

Haoui Montauk was a poet. He lived a long life in the last century. The New York native regarded the New York public library as the epitome of intellectualism. Haoui was right, but in the era of greed-driven ignorance certain special interests have sought to change the format of the library’s mission from knowledge to […]

Buddha’s Enlightenment

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Always The Rose

This summer the filthy rich came close to killing the Rose Reading Room, once one of the greatest research library. They had the trustees transfer three million books to New Jersey saying that it is cheaper to keep them on the other side of the Hudson. What these guardians of books really wanted was to […]