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Ghost MacDonalds West 3rd Street

On January 5, 2021 the franchise owner of the infamous McDonalds across from the West 4th Street sold the building to an entrepeneur seeking to open a nightclub. Covid was in full force and the investors did nothing. Three years later the site remains a ghost, but it will never again be the 3am hotspot […]


My mother loved to sing this 1957 hit song although we knew as YELLOW BIRD. Harry Belafonte introduced us to another way of life and fought for equality and justice. A true hero. RIP. To hear DON’T EVER LOVE ME – YELLOW BIRD click on the following URL


The last time I saw Johnny Thunders was in Paris. He was appearing at Gibus outside of Republique. It was 1985. We spoke about CBGBs, where he had been a star. I was a worshiper. His manager was a New York coke dealer of dubious German connections. I owed him $50. Johnny said, “Stiff him.” […]

Stumpy’s New Home

Serendipity 3 was a famed ice cream parkor on East 60th Street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Stephen Bruce and his two associates, Calvin Holt and Patch Caradine, were the smiling headmasters for the fey waiter and busboy staff, who served the best sundaes in the world as well as a frozen hot chocolate drink […]

Goodbye Zardoz

On Halloween Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90 on Lyford Cay in the Bahamas. His acting career covered over fifty years with his James Bond role earning him worldwide fame in the 1960s. “Bond…James Bond.” That iconic line from DOCTOR NO will live on, but Connery was fed up with 007 and […]