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May 8, 1978

Back in April Johny Blitz of the Dead Boys was attacked on Second Avenue by people unknown. He was stabbed five times and luckily survived after a miraculous Emergency Room operation. In order to pay his hospital bills, Arturo Vega organized a thirty band Johnny Blitz benefit. Blondie closed out the shows at CBGBs with […]

Ghost MacDonalds West 3rd Street

On January 5, 2021 the franchise owner of the infamous McDonalds across from the West 4th Street sold the building to an entrepeneur seeking to open a nightclub. Covid was in full force and the investors did nothing. Three years later the site remains a ghost, but it will never again be the 3am hotspot […]

Journal Entry June 10, 1977

CHRISTOPHER STREET Well, I’m fazed by trepidation, as I strolled down Christopher Street toward David’s Pot Belly for a sighting of Ro. Nervous hesitation increased with every step. I walked in with my shades on and head lowered, but she wasn’t there. Disappointment.

Richard’s Ride

Back in the 90s I ran into Richard Hell in the West Village. He was getting into a purple Barracuda. Cynthia Sley from the Bush Tetras was wowed by the car. Me too. It was very cool and he was a legend. Just listen to BLANK GENERATION

National Cheeseburger Day

New York has great cheeseburgers, but my favorite was from McBell’s Bar on Sixth Street across from the West 4th Street basketball cage. Tommie Dimaestri was the waiter and served me free food whenever his boss wasn’t looking too hard. I think Tommie was sweet on me. Anyway McBell’s cheeseburger’s ground sirloin was served on […]