Monthly Archives: October 2011


# 7,000,000,000

The population of the world in 1952 was 2.635 billion. My birth in May of that year was lost in the infantile deluge of America’s Baby Boom. I was anonymous to everyone, but my family. Today the population clock hit seven billion and the Philippines declared a baby born at a Manila hospital was baby […]

A Last Sherman Tank

Yesterday I trained north from Luxembourg City to Clervaux. The guidebook stated that the chateau exhibited the works of Edward Streichen. His family had emigrated from his native land to the USA in 1880 and the famed photographer had donated over 500 photos to the Grand Duchy. The train ride was less than an hour […]

In the Words of Albert Finney

Few films are as bittersweet romantic as the comic road movie TWO FOR THE ROAD starring Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn. The two play star-crossed lovers traveling throughout Europe. Their honeymoon brings them to a country hotel in France, where they observed older couples speechlessly dining together. “What kind of people don’t speak to each […]

To Grope Or Not Grope

Somehow when men from the West come to Pattaya they lose whatever manners their parents had beaten into their thick skulls during their dullard childhood. Bad behavior becomes almost a prerequisite for a good time. Drunkenness, rowdyism, and macho studity are usually forgiven by our Thai hosts and hostesses, but there is always a boundary […]