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#17 By Peter Nolan Smith

in April of 1976 I drove a stolen car from Boston to New York. The Olds 88 wasn’t really stolen, since a Back Bay lawyer paid $300 for the disappearance of gas guzzler. Several hours later I abandoned the Detroit clunker by the Christopher Street pier after midnight. I switched the plates and left the […]

Puritan Drinking in France

Back in 1982 I was driving on the Autoroute du Sud toward Perpignan. I stopped at a Cafe de Relais to a coffee. At the bar several southbound routiers or truck drivers were quaffing afternoon aperitifs. In this case Calvados. Coming from the States I was slightly surprised that the Etat du France sanctioned the […]

MAYBE TOMORROW Chapter 5 by Peter Nolan Smith

Nightlife on Bleecker Street panned out after the Village Vanguard. Sean gazed out the taxi’s window at the forlorn sidewalk grilled yellow by cruel chrome streetlights. This was how New York looked unprotected by the eyes of love and he turned to Johnny. “Are we there yet?” “Almost.” Johnny slapped on the plastic divider. “Stop […]

First Night At CBGBs

Five Excuses or Ha Khaaw-Gaae-Dtuaa

Back in 2008 on Good Friday morning in New York Christians were preparing to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ at churches throughout the city. Catholics will chant the Rosary during the Stations of the Cross, as incense fumes from holy thuribles. I attended none of these rites and neither shall any atheists in Pattaya, for […]