Monthly Archives: August 2006

Swordswallower in jail

Pattaya is a magnet for madmen from Thailand and the world alike. The other day the local cops are called to a Naklua hotel. In the car park a German was threatening the security guards with a long sword. His response to the police’s entreaties to put down the weapon was to charge them. Surprisingly […]

Bad Idea Elton John

Most good ideas are simple. Flip-flops, beer, and chicken sa-tay. Individually, not as a combination dinner.. Flip-flops save people’s feet. Beer quenches their thirst and chicken sa-tay is a tremendous appetizer. Success = Keep it simple stupid.

Guns and kids

EMAIL from Bryan Le Bouef Painter from Lousiana. Mom sent me this yesterday… a photo depicting my brothers and I when we had yet to face the most troubling parts of life. As you might guess I was much younger than the others. I believe that I had just been introduced to hard drugs the […]

Retirement for GW Bush

In another two years the president will end his reign of the Oval Office. He’ll no longer have to play it straight. GW will be able to go to strip clubs and drink and do blow without it really mattering. Not that it does now. But he should go someplace discreet as should Bill Clinton. […]

Goodness Gracious Pedos

A good friend emailed me the other day. He’s a famous author. His books are translated into French. Most of them are about his sexual dalliances with rent boys. I keep telling him to come to Pattaya. It seems like he’d fit right in. Especially in Boystown. He wrote.