Monthly Archives: December 2006

Casino Royale and my friend AJ

Contrary to all expectations, the new James Bond film CASINO ROYALE has outpaced its predecessors at the box office.   No more smug and suave Bond. This 007 is a killer and his only humorous quip comes while getting a sadistic beating. He plays poker instead of baccarat or roulette and incredibly falls in love only […]

Thailand goes for the bronze in lao.

In the Bangkok Post Dec. 21 2006 edition Singha Corporation sponsored a full page ad extolling the achievement of Thai spirit drinkers being 5th in the world, while bemoaning that beer drinking per capita resides at 85th in beer comparison. Germany understandably leads the pack 7 liters per person with Denmark and Luxembourg battling for […]

James Brown Godfather of Soul RIP

Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud. James Brown sang those words to the entire nation.

USA Beauty Queens Are Human

For decades American TV viewers have been treated to pristine beauty pageant during which the contestants telling the audience, “I want to make the world a better place by giving Barbie dolls to starving children.” Their coifs and costumes were usually better suited for GOP state dinners and I’ve never seen a flat-chested girl even place […]

Thai visa runner panic

Starting on Jan. 1, 2007 those westerners living in Thailand on 30-day tourist stamps will find themselves persona non grata in the Land of Smiles, due to the expected enforcement of a new immigration law Royal Police order 608/2509 aimed at restricting farangs from exercising the 30-day tourist visa as a permanent rubber stamp for residence here. No […]