Monthly Archives: March 2008

Bangkok Police Ban Mobile Calls while Mobile

Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian philosopher, said that US motorists would never car pool, because the commute to work was the only time they were ever alone, however the coiner of the phrase ‘the medium is the message’ never foresaw the invention of the cell phone, which allows drivers to reach out and touch somebody, although […]

4Q in Iraq 2008

President Bush courageously maintained his mismanagement streak by condoning the Iraqi central government attempt to oust the Shi’ite militia from their traditional strongholds and then compounded this error by A-OKing US military involvement in this ‘defining moment’ of the long conflict in Mesopotamia. GW said at a conference with Kevin Rudd the Aussie PM, “This […]

End of the World Russia

My father doesn’t read the newspapers or watch the TV news. Too much bad news. Iraq, rising prices, global warming, food crisis ad nauseum. It’s enough to make you think the world is coming to an end and a Russian doomsday cult convinced that the world was facing destruction sought refuge in a cave. Seven […]

Ghana Internet Scam

I haven’t received a spam from Africa for quite some time and I wrote that they might have abandoned bilking witless westerners of their assets, but this morning they were back at it, although from Ghana instead of Nigeria. Ghana is a thousand times more trustworthy. Goldmac Investment Ltd Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 3:03 […]

Sir Grope-a-lot In Thailand

When I worked on 47th Street selling diamond we had several women working for our firm. Each one had to sign a waiver absolving us of sexual harassment. Not that we physically touch any of the women, but sometimes our conversation verged past the bounds of decency. If they told us to shut up, we […]