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Drifters Wanted – January 2022

Last year I was driving down Dekalb Avenue and read an open-call sign for workers. Drifters Wanted. Huh? I blinked and the offer of paradise vanished as reality jarred my eyes back into focus. DRIVERS WANTED. What a difference a single letter, then again I’ve always sought something more than the world has to offer […]

A Bigger Broom – Tioman Island 1993

In 1993 I went to Tioman island in Malaysia. beautiful beach. remote. jungle. A Western woman came into the restaurant crying that a lizard was in her bathroom. I laughed thinking it was a gecko and grabbed a broom. I went to her bungalow and opened the bathroom to discover a giant monitor lizard over […]

January 3, 1979 – Journal – East Village

Alice and I get drunk at CBGBs with Bill Yusk. At CBGBs. Where else? Alice was mad at me, because she had to wait at the door. Lisa Krystal wouldn’t let her in for free without me. Kim wasn’t waitressing either. “I don’t understand why they treat you like they do.” Alice thinks I’m nothing. […]

January 1, 1979 – East Village – Journal

Alice, Anthony, and I saw in the New Year on 3rd Avenue. A gang member of Puerto Ricans from the Lower East Side muttered at Alice, “What are you looking at, ugly?” Ship horns from the harbor signaled the end of 1978 and the gang member wished us, “Feliz año nuevo.” We returned the wish. […]

December30, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Dallas over Atlanta and the steelers over Denver, the post season nears the yearly climax to the NFL, Super Bowl XIII, the league using Roman numerals to pretend this blood sport has a link the the gladiator games of the Roman Empire. Alice returns tomorrow via a flight from Charleston WVA. In times for the […]