Monthly Archives: September 2011

I Still Like Ike

Eisenhower speaks from the grave with grace. A great American president. He ended the Korean War, reduce federal deficits, opposed Israel in the Suez Canal, rejected helping the French suppress the Vietnamese, secretly stopped the proto-fascist Joe McCarthy, built the Interstate system, enforce desegregation of schools, and had a decent golf game. He was Supreme […]

FEATHERS by Bryan LeBoeuf

The Louisiana artist Bryan LeBoeuf has completed a new series of paintings. I’ve appreciated his realist style since walking into his Williamsburg studio in 2002. HIs painting of THE MOSH PIT captured my admiration and his unswerving dedication to this representative genre has attained new heights with his new offerings. I never say to myself, […]

Viva Tony Montana

The USA is my homeland. I care about apple pie especially since no one can make it like my late mother. I also believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is why I live in Thailand most of the year. The life is good under the mango tree in my front yard. […]

Thou Doest Protest Too Much

Corporations complain constantly about paying taxes to the federal government and the head of Coca-Cola has accused the White House and Congress of setting up a less than friendly atmosphere to sell their product in the USA. Coca-Cola was invented in Georgia in the late 1880s as an elixir. Five ounces of coca leaves were […]

Payback For The Geeks

Nerds and geeks have been targeted by bullies throughout history. Sand was kicked in Socrates’ face by a nameless. Galilleo was given a wedgee by a callous bastard son of a Vatican cardinal, and Einstein was forced to do the homework of a Viennese strong-arm thug. Bullying the weak or different has been a feature […]