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Thai Men Not So Smart Either

Farangs are constantly being bamboozeled in the Land of Smiles by their own kind as much as the natives, but Thai men’s susceptibility to a female’s smiling face was demonstrated when a middle-aged Thai man was relieved of his possessions in the Phillipines by a 19 year-old woman he met online. Money, passport, mobile phones, […]

2008 JonTien Beach 1 Picture 1 Word / Disgusting

From Versus this scene in 1972 No jet skies, no beach chair mafia, no plastic bags. And I was 20 years old, so no grey hair or midriff spread either.

GOP out for Michelle Obama

GW Bush was elected president over Johy Kerry, because more American voters decided that Laura Bush made a better first lady than Mrs. Kerry, whose Heinz fortune came from outliving her husband. 2008 pits Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain in the First Lady election. Black against white. Chicago versus Arizona. New school/ Old School.

Miss Khang Noi Strikes Terror

Mikie at Maggie’s Bar on Pattaya’s Soi Chaiyapoon is always raving about the girls he meets over the internet. “She was a college student. 21. Beautiful. Only wanted me for sex nothing else.” The beer-bellied 50 year-old had never had a loser, although this winning streak could have to do with Mikie’s myopia. His glasses […]

The Fuhrer and I

From see :