Monthly Archives: June 2010

Dengue Fever Pattaya

Penang was a different city in the early 90s. Seedy bars stayed open late and delightfully wicked brothels served the shifting population of sailors seeking companionship for a few minutes. Hotels on Chulia Street were cheap. A good thing in 1994, since I was stranded without of a homeward bound ticket. Wiring money took time. […]

The Guilt of Innocence

Every weekend the police set up a roadblock to catch motorcycle thieves and incarcerate drug suspects. The cops stop car drivers too, although the round-up is aimed at young people out for fun. Anyone whose piss turns ‘purple’ gets a trip down to Soi 9 for processing. And this is not Paris Hilton jail. Soi […]

FIFA Blind Justice

The course of the 1982 World Cup detoured off the tracks for Team England when Diego Maradona scored Argentina’s first goal thanks to a blatant hand ball. The referee ‘missed’ the play and thereafter the score has been called ‘the Hand of God’. A winning player said, “In 1986, winning that game against England was […]


Martha Stewart to the Rescue

Uncle Carmine was born on the Lower East Side. His wife Jane hailed from Maine. She called Cumberland Falls the last place God created. It’s a good 10 hours drive from East 11th Street. Carmine’s death wish was to be buried overlooking Schoonic Bay on Columbus Day. Jane’s old man gave up the ghost in […]