Monthly Archives: August 2007

Karaoke War – Soi Buakhao

I love SUNSET BOULEVARD. The Director Billy Wilder paints a paean to fading glory in this 1950 film. Young writer and ancient femme fatale joined in a tragic menage a trois with fame for the fantastic ending choreographed by John F. Seitz’s cinematography. Gloria Swanson charging the camera. “All right, Mr DeMille, I’m ready for […]

Thai Snap Election

The passage of the new Thai referendum whetted people’s appetite for an election to get a democratically-selected government in place. The military announced that Dec. 23 was an auspicious day for such an event. The polling date will be December 23. That’s 4 months, but not fast enough for the US embassy which said that the election […]

Where am I? Miss Teen America

After 9/11 a newspaper conducted a survey to see how many Americans could locate New York on a map. Readers were flabbergasted by the high percentage and this mental gap on geography was brought home to the TV audience during the Miss Teen USA pageant when the contestant from South Carolina was asked by the […]

Sin Tax Hike

The Nation published the government’s intention to raise the taxes on alcohol and cigarettes obstentively to reduce treament costs for those afflicted by the deadly killers. I googled ‘free cigarette treatment Thailand’ without finding a single reference on the first five pages pertaining to these search words. Officials hoping that the excise tax will discourage consumption […]

I’m Not Gay Senator Craig

Men have many rules for manly behavior in a bathroom. Straight men do not make eye contact with strangers. Straight men don’t converse with strangers while you’re peeing. Straight men do not look at penises while you are peeing. Most men obey these rules, however a network of ‘tearooms’ ie gay toilets stretch across the […]