Thai Snap Election

The passage of the new Thai referendum whetted people’s appetite for an election to get a democratically-selected government in place. The military announced that Dec. 23 was an auspicious day for such an event. The polling date will be December 23. That’s 4 months, but not fast enough for the US embassy which said that the election should be held as quickly as possible.


Quick as possible coming from a country taking almost 2 years to conduct a presidential election. White House hopefuls have been battling for key nomination states since February 2007.

Snap election?

A four-month presidential campaign wouldn’t work in the USA. Not enough money to spend on TV to weaken the electorate’s resolve to vote. Two years is enough to get the percentage of those voting to under 50%, although as 1984 Democratic nominee Shriver said, “Being president isn’t worth spending two years in a Holiday Inn.”

But it might be now, however that doesn’t make a two-year election cycle good. It’s all academic, since GW Bush is going to serve a 3rd Term under some obscure terrorism clause in the Patriot Act.

Always read the small print.

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