Monthly Archives: October 2008

Million Baht Baby

Everyone in New York knows my history. Most recent. Six years in Thailand. To most westerners the word spells out ‘sex’. Mostly because they’re not getting any and have to fantasize about someplace else where the world is free Well, not free, because nothing is really free. Certainly not sex. In fact it can be […]

79th Anniversery Of the 1929 Crash

In 1929 Wall Street crashed dramatically on October 28 and 29 with the Dow Jones dropped 11% and 13% on those two days then sunk to 198.7 on November 13 completing a 50% decline in value. The slide continued throughout the rest of Hoover’s presidency, as he relied on the forces of the Free Market […]

Is Communism A Word Doomed Forever

Come one come all, comrades. November 7 Thursday @ 7pm Henry Street Settlement 466 Grand Street Is Communism A Word Doomed Forever A lecture by Alain Baidot Alain Badiou heads the International Center for the Study of Contemporary French Philosophy (CIEPFC) at the Ecole Normale Supèrieure, Paris. For many years a Maoist, he remains a […]

Happy Drunkmas

The PPP have backed away from their proposed ban on alcohol sales for Loi Krathong, Christmas, and New Years, despite polls attesting to the popularity of this ruling. Bar owners and 7/11s throughout Thailand are ecstatic. “Drinks for all my friends.” As Mickey Rourke says in the movie BARFLY. Public Health Minister Chalerm Yubamrung was […]

Why I Live in Thailand

Here’s an email from a friend. She is a writer and we share the same astrological sign. Every May she throws a party for fellow Geminis. I was back in the States this May but she cancelled. Here’s why. _____________________________________________________ The Gemini Party did not go according to plan. It got ugly at the S——- […]