Monthly Archives: March 2012

Staying In My Cage

Back in the 1970s East 10th Street between 1st and 2nd Streets was what the locals called a ‘hot’ street. Drugs of every kind were sold at the Blue Door. The Green Door was a brothel servicing old Puerto Ricans. Street dealers conducted their business on the sidewalk with impunity. The police were on the […]

Soi 6 Of The North

Tiffany’s in Sydney, Australia is considered the world’s best brothel by Nevada’s Bunny Ranch takes the silver medal with the bronze going to Relax in Hamburg, Germany. Bangkok’s Nana Plaza finished seventh, even though prostitution is not really legal in Thailand. Yesterday Canada took a giant step into the competition with the Ontario Court […]

MISTER WIND / The Rockin’ Ramrods

Celestial Triple Convergence

Last evening after sunset I looked out the window of my Fort Greene apartment and even without my glasses I spotted the awe-ionspiring triple convergence of the crescent moon, Jupiter, and Venus hovering over the western horizon. I called down to AP, “Come on up here. I got something you have to see.” “I hope […]

Beauty as a Beast

Photo and painting of Lady Caroline Blackwood “A mermaid who dines upon the bones of her winded lovers.” Robert Lowell husband/poet