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Maybe I’m getting really old or else been out of the USA for too long, but wasn’t this academy award nominated film about a junkie grandfather, a teenage boy living out a vow of silence, a strip tease pubescent beauty contestant, a suicidal French scholar, his self-help brother-in-law, and a mother whose only real character […]

Hell Club aka Eden Club in Pattaya

I was driving by Lalita’s BJ Lounge on Soi LK Metro to see if the line-up of oral technicians had been beautified in the past month. Strictly for socio-anthropological reasearch, mind you. Sadly the same old faces and tired bodies in schoolgirl outfits lazed before the doorway plucking eyebrows, searcing their locks for white hairs, and stuffing […]

Government crackdown on land sales

Condo and villa property boom might be coming to an end in Thailand. The Commerce Minister announced on Friday that his ministry will be reviewing all land sales to foreigners to insure they are above the board, i.e. the sales are not in violation of the Land Act which forbids any foreigner from owning land. The focus of […]

Freedom of Speech Thailand

January 15, 2007 CNN aired an interview with Thailand’s wandering ex-prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. the ruling military clique pressured the cable station UBC to blackout the 2:51 minute news segment during which the XPM declared his innocence in connection to the New Year’s Eve bombing. I saw the interview on

USA wins Gold in Thailand

The Bangkok Post published a report that Thai police are seeking 18 blacklisted foreigners known to be pedophiles. 14 are from the USA and the other 4 from Canada. Go USA. These farangs have be declared persona non grata and will be arrested on sight and immigration officials hope to catch offenders at the borders […]