Monthly Archives: January 2021


The wind drives the snow across a barren field. Spring is a century away from today and I shiver in the cold, knowing a fire awaits me not far away and a glass of wine. In vino calor.

A Hobo’s Song

The other day I was driving down Dekalb Avenue and read an open-call sign for workers. DRIFTERS WANTED. I blinked and the offer of paradise vanished jarring my eyes back into focus. DRIVERS WANTED. What a difference a single letter makes, then again I’ve always sought something more than the world has to offer and […]

Frozen Niagara

Obviously if they had filmed NIAGARA in the winter, Marilyn Monroe would have never gone over the falls with her murderous husband played by Joseph Cotton.

Belgium Beer Research

My first beer was a Miller in 1965. I drank it behind Our Aunt of Jesus Catholic Church. Two more followed fast. The contents of the three bottles disagreed with my stomach and I spewed out the beer like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean. On the following Sunday the pastor, who looked […]

Charleroi, A Thing Of Beauty

For the centuries Luxembourg served as a barrier against the invading armies of Northern Europe. The city was surrounded by the thickly forested Ardennes and massive fortifications topped sheer cliffs, allowing hundreds of troops foil the attack of thousands. Militarists called the citadel the Gibraltar of the North and in the autumn of 2011 I […]