Monthly Archives: August 2012

Roofie The GOP

A lot of my liberal friends are shunning their GOP comptriots in this preseason of the presidential election. FH wrote on facebook the following; i am shocked that some of my friends are for Romney/Ryan .I am a total bad judge of character. If you are suddenly defriended you will know why. Enjoy you fantasy. […]

Make My Way

Earlier this month Clint Eastwood announced his support for Mitt Romney and the Hollywood icon appeared on stage of the Tampa Convention Center with a chair. The actor/director/producer pretended to speak with an invisible Barack Obama, accusing him of creating 23 million unemployed, even though the US Department of Labor puts the number at 13 […]

Bag Of Gas

Two night ago NJ governor Chris Christie to the stage of the GOP convention in Tampa. “Thank you! Thank you all very much. Thank you. Well, this stage and this moment are very improbable for me, a New Jersey Republican.” According to Fox News the rotund speaker said the word “I” 37 times, “Romney” seven […]

Peace in Our Time

This week the Israeli court came to the preconceived conclusion that the Zionist state had nothing to do with the 2003 bulldozing death of US activist Rachel Corrie, thus ending her parents’ long fight to force the apartheid state to admit guilt. The Corrie family was seeking $1 plus legal expenses in damages. The BBC […]

Everyone Young

My younger brother died on AIDS in 1995. Our family buried him in the town cemetery. I couldn’t speak at the funeral and I said little after the burial. My sisters knew that I had a packet of airline tickets in my pocket. Each destination offered a holy site, at which I would prayed for […]