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Shin Bet Funkies

On October 7 2023 thirty-nine NYPD officers were training in crowd control tactics in Israel. Shin Bet has been instructing American police in how to treat all protestors as terrorists since 9/11. A large percentage of the 12 are addicted to steroids to protectively bulk up against civilians always considered guilty and potentially dangerous thanks […]

Imagine Peace

/div> No silent night No peace on Earth Like Lennon sang Imagine Imagine Imagine Imagine no more them Imagine no more us Imagine only we are the world We are us. We are us. From the mountains And the valleys To the Oceans All around the world. No more prayers No more thoughts Only the […]

Yet Another 9/11 Hoax

The circumstances surrounding 9/11 has been cloaked by theories of conspiracies and hoaxes. Many people believe that the US government brought down the Twin Towers with the help of the Israeli military or that the planes were drone jets and not commercial liners. Everyone with a half a brain has questioned the discovery of hijacker […]

Professor Berthell Ollman’s Letter of Resignation

I just read Professor Ollman his 1986 letter of resignation from the Jewish people, because of the Zionists’ treatment of the Palestinians. A brilliant treatise ending with a Lenny Bruce piece. An hour of reading. The last lines. “As far as I?m concerned, the comedian, Lenny Bruce, provided the only good answer to this question […]

H-Bomb Fear-Mongering from the Porsche Reich.

The Manhattan Project was in a desperate race with Nazi Germany to develop an atomic bomb. The 3rd Reich ran out of time when the Soviet Union captured Berlin. The USA was able to use this ultimate weapon on the Japanese, wiping out Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The only two cities ever obliterated by nuclear weapons. […]