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Shin Bet Funkies

On October 7 2023 thirty-nine NYPD officers were training in crowd control tactics in Israel. Shin Bet has been instructing American police in how to treat all protestors as terrorists since 9/11. A large percentage of the 12 are addicted to steroids to protectively bulk up against civilians always considered guilty and potentially dangerous thanks […]

Imagine Peace

/div> No silent night No peace on Earth Like Lennon sang Imagine Imagine Imagine Imagine no more them Imagine no more us Imagine only we are the world We are us. We are us. From the mountains And the valleys To the Oceans All around the world. No more prayers No more thoughts Only the […]

No Silent Night

Yesterday the IDF pounded Gaza with bombs and artillery, killing scores of civilians and wounding hundreds. Their national holocaust soul demands retribution for Hamas’ October 7 attack and their revenge has not be an eye for an eye. Not on Yom Kippur. Not on Hannukah. Not on Christmas. Extermination of the Palestiniand has been the […]


Tomorrow I will toast the millions of sad sacrifices of men to imperialism. I also thanked the stars that I’ve never had to fire a shot in anger.< The truce between the Axis and Allies was signed at 5am, but ceasefire didn’t take effect, until the 11th second of the 11th minute of the 11th […]

Shots In Anger

At 4:30am on Friday, April 12, 1861 Brigadier General Beauregard ordered the secessionist troops manning the artillery batteries of Charleston, South Carolina to open fire on Fort Sumter housing 127 federal troops of which 13 were musicians. Two hours lapse before the Yankee commander allowed Captain Abner Doubleday, the inventor of baseball, to return a […]