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The Scent Of Sand

In 1917 TE Lawrence of Arabia was led through a palace of an Arab prince. Six rooms were scented by fragrant incensed. The last was bare with a window opened to the wind. Lawrence asked the prince what was the scent. “The desert. It was here before us. It will always be here, even after […]

Shin Bet Funkies

On October 7 2023 thirty-nine NYPD officers were training in crowd control tactics in Israel. Shin Bet has been instructing American police in how to treat all protestors as terrorists since 9/11. A large percentage of the 12 are addicted to steroids to protectively bulk up against civilians always considered guilty and potentially dangerous thanks […]

No More Peace For Christmas

On Friday the truce between Hammas and the IDF ended with an intense aerial bombardment by Israeli F-16 with little regard for civilians in the Gaza ghetto. The IDF ordered Palestinians to vacate the North to the Strip to South increasing the population density to 13,000 per square kilometers. Leaflets accompanied the attacks telling the […]