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Babi Yar Ala Gaza

On 29–30 September 1941 outside of Kyiv the Nazi occupiers of that city rounded up the city’s Jews and marched them to a ravine called Babi Yar. Throughout the next two days the SS Sondercommando squad massacred some thirty-four thousand men, women, and children. No one was spared, although twenty-nine people survived the killings by […]

No More Peace For Christmas

On Friday the truce between Hammas and the IDF ended with an intense aerial bombardment by Israeli F-16 with little regard for civilians in the Gaza ghetto. The IDF ordered Palestinians to vacate the North to the Strip to South increasing the population density to 13,000 per square kilometers. Leaflets accompanied the attacks telling the […]

שוב רצח עם עז

Facebook has censored most of my comments on Gaza. I believe in the one state for all the peoples. Isrhael stole the land of Palestine with the help of the British and French after World War I, but that history don’t matter now. All the wars fought and the uprisings crushed and the apartheid oppression […]

Genocide In Yemen

In 2015 the Houthis were on the verge of defeating the Saudi-backed forces of ousted President Hadi. An airlift provided arms and munitions to the troops and air attacks commenced after a Houthi commander supposedly boasted that his soldiers were poised to invade Saudi Arabia. Since then the Kingdom has waged all-out war on their […]