Monthly Archives: January 2008

Rudy Guiliani Flops in Florida

Throughout 2007 Rudy Guiliani was the poll leader for the GOP presidential nomination. Bolstered by his unflinching emphasis on national security, America’s mayor swore under his guidance the United States would be safe from terrorist attack, however as the year came to an close Americans grew more concerned with Dubai buying our banks than Al-Quada […]

#3 hits the dust RIP – Suharto at 87

During my 1973 summer tenure at the St. John of God Hospital overlooking Boston, my head porter’s observation about our guests clocking out in threes was proven time after time and continues to ring true as this week the first two deceased, Heath Ledger, Hollywood star, and Christian Brando, Marlon’s son, were rounded out by the demise […]

GW Bush’s Last State of the Union Address

The number of Pattaya residents watching President Bush’s State of Union Address probably could be counted on one hand. I opted for the movie INVINCIBLE about a Philadelphia bartender (Marky Mark) who tries out for the Eagles. Not the band. The football team. So I read GW’s speech online. Main themes – recession and patience with Iraq. […]

Thailand’s 25th Prime Minister

People Power party leader Samak Sundaravej trounced pretty boy Abhisit Vejjajiva of the Democrat Party in a parliamentary election for prime minister 310-163. His appointment will be formalized by a royal decree, thus capping 30 years in Thai politics with the ultimate triumph, however many pundits feel his reign will be short, due to corruption charges haunting […]

Bad Idea Bio-Fuel

My wife hails from rural Thailand. Her village is called Ban Nam Poo. Not Ban Nok or ‘bird village’, as the Thais derisively call these forgotten communities off the gird. Farmers in Ban Nam Poo have grown rice for generations. Enough to eat. Enough to trade. Enough to make lao khao. They survived Thaksin 3-harvest […]