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My hillbilly girlfriend and I moved to the East Village in 1978. The twenty-two year-old blonde actress came from West Virginia and I hailed from New England. Alice was in the theater like Bill, our upstairs neighbor. I wrote poetry. One day Bill announced that he had been cast in a western called HEAVEN’S GATE. […]

Bathing at 256 East 10th Street

Back at 256 East 10th Street in the last century my bath tub was in the kitchen. I loved lazing in the warm bath. A good soak was a great remedy for a hangover. Friends buzzed to see me. I stayed in the bathtub. Even to this day I am not shy about nakedness. Daid […]

Boston Corner, New York

In June 2022 I traveled north by train to Dover Plains. It was my first trip out of New York since my Yulemas liver transplant. Almost everyone of the train was old. I was old too. Michael picked me up at the station. He lived on the eastern slope of the Taconic Mountains. We had […]

Our City – Maz et Moi – PJ Clarkes

After COVID struck, the city closed everything. Mazin and I wandered the shorelines of Manhattan and Brooklyn drinking wine in the desolation of uncertainty. Counting the stars. It was our city. One night we sat at a Williamsburg park on the East River. Across lived his sister and he called her to illuminate the Christmas […]

Tennyson Walk the Isle of Wight 1985

December 1985 Vonelli invited Lizzie and me to the Isle of Wight. We were sitting in a Bastille cafe. Lizzie had a show on TV that night. Her song was playing on the radio. I had to work at the Balajo later. There wasn’t much holiday spirit on the Rue De La Roquette. “We’ll do […]