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October Crow Screening

Dr Neil Nepola. Three nights ago an audience of fifty young peple showed up for the first screening of OCTOBER CROW. The crowd were mostly tgere for Brigette who is a star. But my dear friend of fifty-four years was drivinf from Staten Island. He was running late. To stall tge impatience of the young, […]

Reno Nevada Blackjack May 29, 1974

In 1974 my 21st birthday was spent driving across Nevada with Andy, a pot-smoking pianist, and Carole, a blonde co-ed heading to the West Coast. We had made good time in the rent-away station wagon up to this point and I decided to celebrate my coming of age by gambling at every desert town along […]


A humid dusk blanketed the air over Amarillo. The passing semi-trailers dragged diesel fumes on 75 mph slipstreams. AK and Sean stood on the eastbound shoulder of I-40 and a murder of crows clutched the top wire of a barbed wire fence, regarding the two hippies as future carrion. Off in the distant several dirty […]

No Hitchhiking Nowhere In The USA

Hitchhiking has existed since Jonah was swallowed by the whale on a Mediterranean voyage from Tarnish to Jaffa, fleeing the edict of Yahweh to save the sinners of Ninevah “for their great wickedness is come up before me.” After three days the prophet was spat from the whale’s innards and obeyed the Lord. Ninevah was […]

ON THE ROAD / Kerouac’s Map 1947

Click on map to enlarge. This map from Jack Kerouac’s diary detailed his hitchhiking across the USA in 1947. His itinerary includes more stops than the classic hit ROUTE 66 sung originally by Nat King Cole. New York City, Chicago, Davenport Des Moines, North Platte, Cheyenne, Denver, Laramie, Salt Lake, Reno, San Francisco, Madera, Fresno, […]