Monthly Archives: July 2007

ALMOST A DEAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith – CHAPTER 1

ONE A scurry of claws scratched across the damp basement floor. The woman on the battered chair lifted her black stiletto heels in horror, but rats were the least of her problems. This afternoon her lover had suggested a rendezvous in Hamburg’s harbor district. She arrived in anticipation of a sordid indiscretion. Two men were […]

Sinatra croons the Blues

Thaksin swears that his legal hassles in Thailand won’t interfere with his purchase of Man City FC and has resorted to his time-tested tactic of whacking his attackers with a legal suit to free his frozen bank assets. He also claims the Assets examiners are harassing him and harming his good name as well as his […]

Bangkok Happiness Down

Bangkok Happiness Index has plummeted to 3.71 in comparison to 5.02 for national average. The present political unrest is causing stress, as families argue opposing views. My father would tell them. “Don’t watch the news. Never has anything good on it. That stuff makes you crazy.” What makes a Bangkok man happy? A bottle of Johnny Walker Black, his […]

Thailiban After Adulterous Teachers

Morals 101 will be a new lesson for Thai teachers, as the nation’s Education Minister warned that state school teachers found in extra-marital liaisons will be severely punished by a civil service tribunal. Present penalties for transgressions of lak-lop must be ineffectual and the proposed strictures have been upgraded to permanent dismissal from the civil service and all the creature comforts […]

CCTV 360 In Bangkok

Civic ambition combined with corporate greed sometimes create mega-projects boogling the minds of common man. No more so as when the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) agreed to install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in a major shopping hub for the supposed public safety. Against shoplifters? No, even worse. Shoplifting terrorists.