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The Popularity of Castration

Back in 2009 Bangkok’s The Nation reported on a growing castration (lopping off the testicles) or gaan dton trend amongst young wannabe ladyboys without funds to finance a complete sexual transformation. The castration operation costs $130US or 4400 baht and in most cases required parental approval. These young boys were convinced that ridding themselves of […]

Lobstah on Patpong – 1990s

Back in the 1990s I was in Bangkok s Patpong gogo zone. I was standing at the bar and heard a younger man order a beer. “Are you from Maine?” “Lewiston.” “Falmouth Foresides. We must be the largest gathering of Maine people in Asia.” We clinked beers and he shook his head, saying, “Those two […]

Singapore To Bangkok By Train

In 1990 I bought a second-class ticket from Singapore to Bangkok with stops in Penang and Suranthani. The old Pearl of the Orient was too clean for me. The Chinese president had ordered the city-state’s police to fine people for chewing gum or not washing their hands after using the WC. Effacing the walls with […]

Mona Lisa Massage Bangkok

Teenage boys in the early 70s were not supposed to like Joni Mitchell, but once I loved to France in 1982, I loved the line from FREE MAN IN PARIS. “I was a free man in Paris.” My freedom remained unfettered throughout the next two decades and while living in Thailand, I changed the lyrics […]

May 13, 1991 – Bangkok – Journal Entry

Last year this time I was hiking up a river to the Langtang Glacier. The year before I was selling diamonds for the Winicks on 47th Street and in 1989 I was in New York working at Eric Beamon, planning on spending the summer in Perpignan. My passport has three entries to Paris. Why I […]