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The Amazing Car Machine – 2008

Jocko Weyland, our China correspondent was driving in his Nissan in LA. He had to find some to park it while he was away. The car gave its own solution The Amazing Car Machine 1993-May 19th, 2008. In loving memory A great little car, possibly the greatest little car ever, “The Amazing Car Machine” known […]

The 420 Bus to Hollywood

In the late spring of 1995 I lived with Scottie Taylor in a North Hollywood pool house. The homeowner ran a strip club off West Pico Boulevard. Dennis’ dancers sunbathed nude in the mornings. They were Jesus freaks and read the Bible like a choir of fallen angels. Scottie and I were sinners in their […]

Gator Hole Bar Okeechobee – 2008

The world has been changing with the man’s desire for mass suicide. Florida’s Okeechobee Swamp has been imprisoned by interstates and poisoned by the evil Sugar Barons, such as the Fanjuls. Its water level has dropped drastically in the preceding years of drought. “In 1970 something a flood lifted off the roof,” The beehived bartender […]

TIME HAS COME TODAY by the Chambers Brothers

In the late-60s I attended Xaverian Brothers south of Boston ten miles away from my house underneah the Blue Hills. No buses or trains ran between the suburbs on the outskirts of Boston to the all boys Catholic high school and only connection between these bedroom communities was Route 128 orbiting Boston from the Quincy […]

August 1, 1995 Watchic Pond Standish Maine – Journal Entry

My sister and the rest of the clan had deserted the camp to visit a nearby Aquapark, so I arrived on Watchic Pond and sat outside under the pines. My grandfather and his friends had dammed a stream to create the pond back in the 1920s. It always seemed part of my life. Two years […]