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The Amazing Car Machine – 2008

Jocko Weyland, our China correspondent was driving in his Nissan in LA. He had to find some to park it while he was away. The car gave its own solution The Amazing Car Machine 1993-May 19th, 2008. In loving memory A great little car, possibly the greatest little car ever, “The Amazing Car Machine” known […]

Elk Books At Printed Matter

Years ago famed skateboarder Jocko Weyland published my story FAMOUS FOR NEVER in Elk Books. My failure versus the success of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The celebrated artist painted my refrigerator. I had my girlfriend from West Virginia wiped off the images. My jealousy had a stiff price tag. At least a million dollars. Jocko went off […]

Jocko Weyland “Vagabond” Show at Kerry Schuss Gallery

Metal and leaves, concrete and plastic, trees and trains, scrap heaps and decaying drive-ins, parking lots and telephone wires, luminescent polluted water and cranes, bridges, overgrown tennis courts, and public housing in the distance, Everything is something as the most ordinary objects and prospects are saturated with detail and nuance. Things, places, views. Taken between […]

36th Street Crossing

A train passing through at night. Signals flashing bells a-clanging Drivers impatiently waiting the passage of the caboose. A red light fading into the night. Foto by Jocko Weyland

Gowanus Dumpster Pool

In the summer of 2009 Macro Sea filled two dumpsters with water and opened the Gowanus Canal swimming hole. Jocko Weyland, one the the minds behind the pools, invited me to the opening and I planned on leaping off a nearby roof into the water. Jocko didn’t think this was a good idea. “It’s not […]