Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Demise of the Oak Room

Yet another of the Plaza Hotel’s venerable assets has been closed thanks to the timeless ineptitude of the El-Ad management. No more Palm Court. No more Oyster Bar. No more eating at the Oak Room. Judging from their failure rate the hotel should be next. But then Israeli are better known for hostility than hospitality. […]


Some songs are prophetic. Others are reminders of where we should be headed for the sake of our children. Few better than the Who’s WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN Go to this URL for the magic For a related article click on this URL And of course BABA O’REILLY No one had used synthesizers for […]

Burn Ferrari Burn

F1 racing is stupid. The cars race around circuit in a procession. Ferrari is the most fabled team on the circuit. From 2002 to 2007 my website was #1 in Google Search. An arrest by the Ferrari anti-copyright squad knocked me off the list. I had to move back to the USA. The Thai police […]

Soak The Rich

I know some rich people. Mostly from Palm Beach, Millbrook, and Manhattan. Nobody in Europe dares announce their wealth in feat of the tax man. South Americans could give a shit. When they have money, they like to spend it, however during the current economic crisis no one wants to show their cash and this […]

Chill Out

GOP leaders have lambasted President Obama’s stimulus package as a wasteful burden on future generations. Tax hikes on the rich, health care reform, and unemployment expansion. Newt Gringich says, “The problem with the overall budget is that it’s a job-killing budget.” and Dick Morris, ex-flak for the Clintons wrote. “Obama is spreading panic.” They and […]