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Jeffery Dalmer Was Not Alone

Jeffery Dalmer murdered over seventeen men from 1978 to 1991 in Milwaukee. He started with animals. At his trial he claimed to have acted alone, however in 1964 I saw evidence that he might have been connected to a long-running Satanic cult and wrote about an incident in the Blue Hills south of Boston. An […]

Boycott FIFA World Cup – Qatar

The Qatar peninsula has been populated for thousands of years. In the 1800s the peninsula provided pearls to the Ottoman Empire and later became a British Protectorate. The sleepy Gulf city gained importance with the discovery of oil and natural gas. Its economy swelled with the worldwide demand for fossil fuels and enriched the ruling […]

When We Were Young

I didn’t work that often in the late-80s. In fact I can’t remember what I did for money from 1987 to 1989. I was in my mid-30s. I hung out at nightclubs, but I didn’t sell drugs. I drank for free and hung out with beautiful women. Was that a crime? Because I seem to […]

ERICA’S REVENGE fotos by Ellen Von Unwerth

Erica had a lot to learn from Alice. Raising your eyes was a sin. Erica knew better. Alice was about to learn what was best. Afternoon masquerades were held in the garden. The crowd liked to take and not give. Erica was an expert at either. Erica was back to being herself. She didn’t question […]

A BARK BETTER THAN A BITE by Peter Nolan Smith

Every diamond shop on West 47th Street was open seven days a week from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Sales people, guards, elevator operators, schleppers, cutters, setters, polishers, and even Lennie the Bum slaved throughout the holiday rush in hopes of scoring enough cash to buy presents. Stores extended their normal hours to entice late-night shoppers. […]