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December 27, 1978 – Boston – Journal

. The visit to my family in the Blue Hills had been comforting, but I hadn’t said a single word about Alice’s possible pregnancy. Not to my parents or sisters or brothers. At the dinner table I saw how proud my father was of his wife and family and I asked, if I would feel […]

ANCIENT PORN by Peter Nolan Smith

Pornography is derived from the Greeks linking two words; prostitute and I read. The portrayal of sexual acts can be traced to pre-Ice Age. Scientist claim a naked figurine carved from a mammoth ivory was man’s first attempt at figurative representation. Opponents to this thought counter that lurid images were not found amongst the thousands […]

Best Meal Of All

Next week my younger sister and her husband are leaving for a holiday in Northern Italy. I am so envious, as I have been confined to New York City for the past year, due to a long illness. My body has been steadily healing after a major operation over Yulemas, but the doctors have strongly […]

Jeffery Dalmer Was Not Alone

Jeffery Dalmer murdered over seventeen men from 1978 to 1991 in Milwaukee. He started with animals. At his trial he claimed to have acted alone, however in 1964 I saw evidence that he might have been connected to a long-running Satanic cult and wrote about an incident in the Blue Hills south of Boston. An […]

Rattlesnake Alert

Last year local wildlife officials were called to the Blue Hills south of Boston in response to 911 call alerting to the presence of a timber rattlesnake in a populated area. Officers captured the serpent and released rattler into the Great Bog. My sister called me with this information and I asked, “Do you remember […]