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Bouffant The 60s the Surf Nantasket

In 1966 I met Joe Kane from Mattapan at the Surf Nantasket, a dance Mecca, for teenagers on the South Shore of Boston. Her bouffant was lacquered stiff as a football helmet by Aquanet hair spray. Once a week we went to the Mattapan Oriental theater for the matinee to make out in the balcony. […]

30 TRIPLE A – 2013

Skinny girls were an anathema in America’s buxom 1950s. The overt sexuality of Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot created a male obsession for full-figured women and their curvaceous silhouettes cursed millions of patriotic men with a disdain for ingenues, method actresses, and slender showgirls throughout the Eisenhower years and the early 1960s promised […]

BACKWARDS ON ICE by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in 2014 the Bruins overcame a horrible 1st period to tie the Blackhawks and force another sudden death overtime. This time the flow of time was in the Bruins’ favor and Paille scored the game winner. Game 3 will be in Boston. I love hockey. Several years ago I beat my cousin Oil Can […]

La Belle Francoise Hardy 1944-2024

Francoise Hardy remains an icon of beauty. The brunette had tons of hits in the 1960s. Francoise was the ultimate Yeh-Yeh Girl. Sadly Francoise Hardy passed this past week. But Mlle. Hardy remains a beauty. And Forever. “When I write, it is always the melody that comes first, and it just happens to be the […]

4:20 4/20 2024

Police and parents demonized Marijuana during my youth. Reefer smokers were condemned by the courts. John Sinclair, the MC5 radical, was sentenced to ten years of prison for the crime of ‘giving’ an undercover agent two joints. The severity of his punishment did not deter the millions of marijuana smokers of the 60s from becoming […]