Monthly Archives: May 2011

Last Stop Joplin

This Sunday President Obama returned to the USA after a successful European drinking binge with Irish drunks and gin-lovers at Buckingham Palace. His first stop was not McSorley’s in the East Village, but the devastated Midwest city of Joplin. 2/3s of the Missouri town has erased by mega-tornadoes. The President viewed the widespread wreckage and […]

THE BOTTLE Gil Scott Heron

Beering with Da O’Bamas

Ireland is the home of Guinness Beer and President Obama lifted a pint of the brown sludge at a local pub in Moneygall. His wife sipped at her beer with relish. It was a moment of joy during a brief detour from his busy schedule of his European trip. Family, friends, and Guinness. A proper […]

Where’s Whitey?

The World’s Top Ten Wanted Fugitives took two hits this past month. # 1 Osama Bin laden was erased by an executive order from President Barack Hussein Obama. Two bullets to the head and a burial at sea. Secondly the Balkan War criminal Gen. Ratko Mladic was arrested by black-clad security forces in a small […]