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1978 The Hell’s Angels frequented CBGBs. A rough Bowery bar. No one challenged their claim to the punk rock venue, The Angels scared off other asshole bikers, although not every night. The Cramps first played to a packed house of garage rock fans adn some Jersey bikers. As if the world was diving into the […]

November 3, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Last night at THE NEW WAVE VAUDEVILLE SHOW at Irving Plaza was a great success, but a debacle for me. Klaus Nomi was the headliner along with a horde of starry-eyed rockers and artists. I was asked to be the security with my friends. None of us were paid, but we guaranteed free drinks . […]

Shannon the Easter Bunny

Several Halloweens ago I was sitting in front of Mekong restaurant on Prince Street. It was a warm night. My friends and I watched the parade of costumes. We were having a good time, until a Batman sat next to our lady friend. The Caped Crusader aggressively kissed Jane and then he stole my beer. […]

Like Father Like Son 2008

Fenway took a fall in the bathroom. Lots of blood. 8 stitches. No longer perfect. Everyone says his mother beat him. Mam would never touch him. Me maybe, but like father like son. My black eye is from a street fight in Pattaya. “It was a good fight, ma, but I lost.” In fact I […]

Forever Flashbacks

Jocko Weyland sent an announcement for the publication of Stephen Aiken’s Artists in Residence: Downtown New York in the 1970s. Great photos reminding anyone that the city was off the tracks as it is today with million dollar apartments overlooking chaos. Back then the city had the feel of Rome after. The Goths burned it […]