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December 11, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Last week slipped out of existence without any resistance to the daily grind of waking past noon, Alice embracing me until three, Her going to Irving Plaza, while I wandered the East Village until six, having a drink in a Polish dive, then return to 256 East Street to watch TV, sleep and repeat. An […]

Dec 2, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

I had been serious sick from food poisoning this week. Puking and shitting non-stop.Two days of retching in the WC toilet. I slept in the living room to keep it close. Pus getting out of the loft bed was dangerous in my condition. I felt like Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Always ready to die. Alice […]

November 3, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Last night at THE NEW WAVE VAUDEVILLE SHOW at Irving Plaza was a great success, but a debacle for me. Klaus Nomi was the headliner along with a horde of starry-eyed rockers and artists. I was asked to be the security with my friends. None of us were paid, but we guaranteed free drinks . […]


NEW WAVE VAUDEVILLE has Alice and the other participants in a panic. I’ve seen a few rehearsals. Klaus has been fantastic, David McDermott the quintessential fey emcee. Stanley the Polish manager of l of Irving Place, tells everyone that the show will be a big success. Alice and her co-hoster Susan have given it her […]