Monthly Archives: September 2013

OFF SEASON by Peter Nolan Smith

In late-April of 2008 I left Thailand after a ten-year stay. My family accompanied to the sprawling Bangkok airport. happy tourists were heading home from vacations. I kissed my children good-bye and hid the tears by burying my head in Mam’s neck. My dog howled, as I got on the airport bus. Mam’s belly was […]

Israeli Brilliance

Almost every nation is in competition for the most egotistical country on Earth. I exempt Puntland, although I’m certain the Harti Darod and Mehri wanderers have conflicting views concerning their heritage, especially since Harti means strong man in Somali Arabic. Confidently I’m also certain that Mehri says ‘strong smell men’. Egotism isn’t a bad thing, […]

Elegant Hands

This blonde on the Vespa in front of the Dakota says it all about the 1970s New York. A blue dress in front of a blue car. The blonde elegantly studying her nails and not a mobile phone. Big feet and you know what they say about girls with big feet? Big hands.

Me For Senator

If the GOP shuts down the government, then I propose America has no government at all or else we have an election, since both parties will have abnegated their mandates in congress and the White House. I will run for the position of NY Senator, but only if we move Congress to Frank’s Lounge in […]

GOP Shutdown

The GOP’s hard-right members have refused to relent on their demand that Obamacare be delayed for one year or else they will not approve a budget to finance the government. House Speaker John A. Boehner has attempted to reason with the Tea Party representative, whose leaders are adamant on their stance against any form of […]