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The Marxist Monster from Milwaukee

The Marxist Monster from Milwaukee Professor Bertell Ollman In 2005, as a protest against Israel, Ollman wrote and published a Letter of Resignation from the Jewish People, stating: “Socialist and ex-Jew that I am, I guess I still have too much respect and love for the Jewish tradition I left behind to want the world […]

The Fall of Berlin Wall 1989 – 2009

“Ich bin en Berliner.” These words were spoken by JFK before the grim barrier in 1961. I have stood at the wall in 1982. Its shabby concrete was graffiti-splattered on the Western side. The other side was a no-man’s land of mines, dogs, and guard towers. I had crossed over to East Berlin via Checkpoint […]

White Men Redux

The 15th Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed the civil equality to black ex-slaves and the GOP has promised to honor their privilege, but the Republicans remain true to the immortal words of Nixon’s Secretary of Agriculture, who explained why the party of Lincoln was short on blacks. “I’ll tell you what the coloreds want. It’s […]

Kiss My Black Ass

Election night 2008 had people celebrating in the streets. The desire for change had swept the GOP from the White House and Congress. The effects of Obama’s victory over the Old White Guy reached into the Deep South and this week the town of Alligator, Alabama ousted its white mayor in favor of a black […]

Iowa Ain’t All That 2024

A high hovering over Greenland blocked the Arctic jet stream and the southern diversion plunged the Center of the USA into severe sub-zero temperatures. The low in Iowa for the 2024 Presidential Caucus was anywhere from -13 to -30 breaking all records. The media have been rattling on about the importance of the GOP vote […]