Monthly Archives: August 2009

Soi Six Back

Memories of another place and time.

A VERY BAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith

While awaiting my trial in Thailand, my good friend promised a ‘soft landing’ back to New York. The architect kept his promise and provided me a room and a little food in his Fort Greene brownstone. Sleeping on a sofa was never a permanent option and at the summer’s end I moved out of my […]

RIP Edward T Kennedy

Growing up outside of Boston in the 50s and 60s, the Kennedys were idolized by the voters. They could do no wrong. Sleeping with Marilyn Monroe was considered a good thing. A nuclear confrontation with Nikita Khruschev was an act of courage. JFK’s death broke our hearts, but the faithful placed their trust in RFK, […]

Porno Graph

THE ITCH cannot be found on Google. This novel about sex no longer exists in the 21st Century except in the collection of pornophiles. I held it in my hands many times. Mostly my left hand. Certain pages were my favorites. A friend once borrowed THE ITCH to write about 1950s stroke books. He never […]

Pink Shirt Day

Friday is pink shirt day. Bring the troops home.