Monthly Archives: May 2006

Thai ID Mystery

Last year a man appeared in the UK. Nobody knew him. He didn’t know who he was. The John Doe could play classical piano and this skill caused a stir in the media. We’ve already forgotten this anonymous man, but a westerner turned up in Thailand with a larger problem than no identity. This farang had […]

Departure from Thailand

In less than 12 hours I’ll be leaving Thailand for the first time in 2 years. Destination America. Landing at JFK after a 17-hour flight on Thai Air. Direct. No stops in Tokyo to decrease the culture shock. One day I’m in Thailand; palm trees, elephants, and beaches. The next New York; skyscrapers, fat people, […]

Gambling in the Casino – Pattaya

There is no gambling in Pattaya. Not legally.  Of course the police are constantly arresting card players and seizing 200 baht in wagers. Small-money stakes, although the Ambassador Hotel has been slated for gambling in the near-future, which would make Pattaya the Vegas of Thailand. For the moment the only casino in town is the Casino […]

World Cup football banned in Thai prisons

In order to curtail betting on the World Cup Thai prison authorities have banned live TV games. “This prison is not a casino.” One warden said at a press conference. “Betting is banned completely. We’ve separated the 800 or so most football-mad inmates from their fellow prisoners. We don’t want this mania spreading throughout the […]

Almost Magic in Thailand

  Most recently magician David Blaine tried a Houdini trick in NYC’s Lincoln Center. He was encapsulated in a water bubble one week. This was training for escaping from chains after holding his breath for 9 minutes. He punked out in the end, saying his fingers were too waterlogged to work the illusion. A Thai […]