Thai ID Mystery

Last year a man appeared in the UK. Nobody knew him. He didn’t know who he was. The John Doe could play classical piano and this skill caused a stir in the media. We’ve already forgotten this anonymous man, but a westerner turned up in Thailand with a larger problem than no identity.


This farang had too many.

Literally hundreds of passports made out to various names.

“I don’t know who I am.” The mystery man explained to the Thai police. “But I might be on one of these passports.” 

“Having a fake passport is a crime in Thailand,” said a head investigator in Bangkok, but added, “This poor man really doesn’t know who he is. We have tried to help him remember without any success. So he couldn’t be lying, as he responded to none of our techniques to cure amnesia.”

If anyone knows this man, please let him know.

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