Monthly Archives: February 2011

THE LOUDNESS OF LIFE by Peter Nolan Smith

Not all intellectuals have been exiled by the exorbitant rents from Manhattan. The other evening editors, writers, publishers, agents, actors, painters, and pundits gathered at a West Village triplex of a right-wing journalist recently returned from the Libyan revolution. Nobody was famous, although several of the attendees had come close. The first arrivals congregated in […]

Stripping for the TSA

My occasions for continental flights within the United States. Most of my travels in America is by ground or sea. The ferry from the Manhattan terminal carries passengers to Staten Island. The Harlem and Hudson trains get me up to Duchess county and the LIRR plodders out to the Hamptons. The Fung Wah bus from […]

PIERRE HENRY – Psyché Rock

Super groovy Frenchie psychedelia and let’s not forget the best 27 minutes of music to ever come out of France Serge Gainsbourg’s THE BALLAD OF MELODY NELSEN Serge is accompanied on this lush lyric album by his British muse of youth, Jane Birken, as backing vocals along with Alan Parker on guitar, Brian Odgers on […]

No Second Acts in Hollywood

Hollywood held its breath for several minutes listening to the surprise cancellation of NBC’s huge hit TWO AND A HALF MEN. The show’s creator had been verbally assaulted by the star of the sit-com, Charlie Sheen. His comments were interpreted by the flaks of the movie media to be anti-Semitic ie Arab or Jew, then […]

Vatican Tells Cambodia To Go Bareback

The American-based Roman Catholic activist pro-life organization Human Life International has declared the failure of an American aid effort in Cambodia aimed at decreasing the Aids infection rate though the distribution of ‘rubbers’. The criticism is harsh at best. “These programs, according to the promoters, would have had to stop AIDS, but instead encouraged its […]