Monthly Archives: April 2006

US forces invade Pattaya. God not far behind.

This week the USS aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln docked at Laem Chabang. Immediately 90% of the crew deserted the vessel for five days R&R in Pattaya. Local officials said the stopover means a welcome boost for tourism. The girls working the bars are especially happy to see these young lads pump hundreds of millions of […]

Land of Plenty – Wim Wenders Film 2006

Wim Wenders presents a troubling film about America’s obsession with terrorism. While stating the threat as real, he focuses on a demented Vietnam vet’s (John Diehl) hunt for a sleeper cell in the high desert north of LA which turns into an odyssey of regaining his sanity with a missionary niece (Michelle Williams). Initially the film’s […]

Visa overstay on Thai border runs

Most foreigners in Thailand are obliged to make regular border runs for visa renewals. My passport is cramped with visits to Prum, the frontier nearest to Pattaya. Most trips are relatively easy other than the 6:30am departure, but the earlier the mini-bus leaves, the less people at the crossing and the faster the process of renewing your visa. 

Crocodile escape in Thailand

Yesterday scores of crocodiles took advantage of rising flood water and fled a breeding farm in Lop Buri. The escape was discovered after a local fisherman’s finger was bitten by a fugitive reptile. Villagers gathered to hunt the saurians and swiftly captured a dozen. Half were eaten and the other half sold to be eaten […]

Thai election update Pattaya 2006

The Songkran festival shifts from Naklua to Pattaya on April 19. Wan Lai falls on the same day as the second Senate election and election officials in the coastal city recommended voters turn out early to cast their votes. When I rose at dawn, the city was sleeping, but when several hours later I rode […]