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SOMEONE TO LOVE The Great Society

In 1965 Grace Slick and her husband formed the Great Society in San Francisco. They released ‘SOMEONE TO LOVE’ as a live single on Autumn Records with Sly Stone as the producer. Sadly Grace left the band to join the Jefferson Airplane, which scored a huge hit with their version of SOMEONE TO LOVE. To […]

After Bathing At Baxter’s – The Jefferson Airplane

The Milton town library added another angle to my education. The head librarian recognized my thirst for knowledge and allowed my taking out adult books at the age of ten. I read Nicholas Kakanzakis’ THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHIRST, Balzac’s A HARLOT HIGH AND LOW, Prescott’s CONQUEST OF MEXICO, OM BURKE’s TRAVEL AMONGST THE DERVISHES. […]


Having died several times over my life I’ve always been surprised to be reincarnated into the same existence as before my demise. Never younger. Never older. Never another body. Shocked that I survived death to rejoin this life and damned pleased as well. – Lazurus II To hear Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue, Shane MacGowan, Blixa […]

Sublime Frequencies: Shadow Music Of Thailand

Led Zeppelin Newport Jazz Festival 1969

On July 6, 1969 my older brother and I drove from the South Shore to Newport to see the Sunday show of George Wein’s Jazz Festival. It was a sunny day and we arrived around 10. Parking was touhg and I stuck our VW Beetle on the edge of a Little League field. Thousands of […]